We believe communication needs to be unforgettable! So we created Inkpact, a software company with a difference. We help businesses connect with their clients on a whole new level by writing personalised handwritten letters & notecards.How do we do this at scale? Using our secret sauce, our Scribe Tribe, which could be you! Help us to help businesses create lasting and fun relationships, and help us live by our motto - Be Unforgettable!
Let's go!
What is your full name?

We need to call you something!
What is your telephone number?

The old dog and bone in case we have any other questions for you or want a chat...
Where in the UK do you live?

You would need to be UK based for the job. It's also great for us to see where our writers are based and to know who's near each other. Everyone loves new friends.
What is your personal 'other'?

Do you speak any other languages apart from English?

We have clients all over the world so this is useful for us to know!
Which languages do you speak?

You superstar bilingual writer... Let us know what other languages you can write in.

Which language did we miss?

Tell us, we are sorry we forgot it on the list!
Do you have a smartphone with a camera? *

Part of our process is quality assurance and it involves images.
Where did you hear about Inkpact?

It's great for us to find out who's talking about us, and we'd like to say thank you so let us know how you heard about us (Facebook, friend, university, jobs board... the more specific the better).
Tell us something interesting about yourself

This isn't compulsory but we love to know more about our writers. Do you have a love for stationery (like us)?, a love for cats, G&T's, are you a former Olympic athlete or have a really interesting fact about you?  let us know!
It's writing time - please upload a sample of you handwriting for us to see. *

This is pretty simple, on any paper please write the following text in your normal handwriting, take a photo, and upload it here...

"Dear Frances,

At Inkpact we believe that business is personal. Handwritten communication is the only way to bridge the gap between email and meeting in person. Whether you want to reach 50 or 50,000 customers, this level of personalisation is just a click away.

Why be deletable when you can be unforgettable?" 

YOUR NAME (this is the part where you put your name ;))
Thank you for applying to be a part of The Scribe Tribe! 
We currently have applications on hold, so we will review and get back to you in the coming weeks!
Frances & The Inkpact Team 
*(If successful, we just need some ID and a refundable deposit of £25 to cover the writing pack that provides the basis of all jobs with us)

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